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about me 

Art is Life, and "Jaiye" is Living to the Fullest,

Nigerian lingo and also, my name. 

I'm a Trini-American artist creating paintings full of expression, providing artwork, products, and painting services, through the brand, "by Jaiye". Welcome.

Embracing the fullness of life's experiences, perspectives, and emotions fuels my creation of vibrant and intriguing art pieces. Blending multiple themes and contrasting ideas with abstract portraits or surreal landscapes, has become a wordless channel to be unapologetically loud.

I transform blank canvases into unique

wall decor, custom portrait paintings, and a range of products with designs by Jaiye. I help others unlock their creativity through art events and painting tutorials. Sharing my art, revealing stories, and witnessing my work resonate with others, vicariously allowing them the same freedom of expression.


Discovering purpose in using art to form deeper and more

intentional connections with myself and others,

drives me to explore and express my creativity artistry and brand to the fullest.


by Jaiye

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Oil Painting


Concrete Wall


Working with you Jaiye has been an absolute pleasure! I’ve been complimented so many time on the creativity of the pieces I have by Jaiye and every time I participate in a class I have more and more people wanting to join. You don’t just make art, you give it meaning you bring out the artist in all of us. We thank you for your gifts, energy and love and will continue to support you!

Concrete Wall


I have 6 pieces in my home ranges from artwork, to a dream journal, and playing cards. This is a one stop shop, and the customer service was amazing. When I emailed her with questions about a particular item she was very timely in her response. I love her work

Concrete Wall


Jaiye is really warm & inviting. Her aura is calm, peaceful she’s such a vibe. She’s also patient and extremely helpful. 100% recommend. Absolutely love doing painting classes with her

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