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Blinding Darkness


Acrylic on 9x12in paper.

Paint brush, instead of pen in my diary.

Ain't rush, in' to bed, gotta get these feels out, from inside of me

hit a lick or hit the lottery

pitch a fit, buss an artery

But i don't do stress

been too depressed

engulfed in darkness

God take this heaviness

off of my chest

is there a bless ing for me?

someone else must've been

praying silently,

I forget, how to pray for myself.

Left hand on six right hand on twelve,

Look how I've played myself.

Morning to night, so bright,

the light, piercing the dark, like, an idea

sun striped,

on my face, scrolling thru

pages for ages on social media.

How you make it look so easier

like a tease, I aim to people please, yeah?

I never need,

now I'm feigning ya.

Oh my, strange tings,

hit the nail on the head.

Oh like, pain tings,

reveal truth instead.

Find it amaz ing,

what you can do with all of those feels you hide up in there.

What are you waiting for my dear?

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