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BlackLight; Shine bright like a Diamond

Let me make this Crystal clear, NEVER dim your light. The world needs it.

Enjoy the video below for the painting reveal as the portrait series continues.

Sign up in "contacts" here at , Like and Subscribe to the YouTube channel 'by Jaiye' and comment with your IG handle, for your chance to be painted next!

Materials used.

One soft small brush was all I needed for this entire painting. Gouache paint can be so tricky because it dries a totally different shade than when wet. So patience, trial and error are really the main materials used.

Thank you to my beautiful muse @divinetwentytwo.

Be sure to check out her business page and beautiful jewelry @diamondsmysticalvanity

Get into these progress shots and the final painting!

Add your info in "contacts" here at for your chance to be painted next.

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