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BlackLight: a portrait series

My mind is full,

my heart is heavy, my words are brief.

Our skin isn't lethal, it's regal,

I find beauty, I find relief.

In the midst of the madness,

and fists balled tight,

I will share our blackness,

I will share our light.

- by Jaiye

Enjoy the video below of the painting reveal for the BlackLight portrait series.

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Materials used:

Gouache paint is a member of the watercolor family but quick-drying and layers similar to acrylic paint. Making it more forgiving and manageable; like a cousin you actually like.

Watercolor paper is a must, or your artwork will be a warped mess.

Soft brushes allow the smooth application of the watery gouache.

Metallic paint, markers and gel pens add a lovely eye-catching touch that can only be enjoyed in original artwork.

Thank you to my beautiful featured muse:



Be sure to check out her stunning wirework and show her some love.

Add your info in "contacts" here at for a chance to be selected next.

Gouache progress pics are so interesting because it really doesn't look much like your vision until it starts to dry. A great lesson in that though. Just keep going; it gets better. Things aren't always appealing at first and that's okay. It's the foundation, not the finished product. The more layers you endure, the more dimension you can create, in art and ultimately, in life.

Here's a video of some close-ups progress shots featuring music, "Feelings" by Deante Hitchcock and Raq, the muse. If you enjoyed that, click the video link for the full painting process.

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Add your info in "contacts" for a chance to be my next muse ;)

I look forward to merging your beautiful features with art,

by Jaiye

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