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BlackLight: Black Dads Matter

Dear black dads, we see you and we love you.

Enjoy the video below for the painting reveal as the portrait series continues.

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Materials used:

I enjoy experimenting with brush sizes for gouache paintings. A small brush is ideal for specific paint placement, but a slightly bigger brush will help smoothen and blend.

I use mainly Windsor Newton paints for skin complexion because so well pigmented but more expensive. Reeves paints are more affordable and come in an assortment of colors so they easily make up the rest of my color palette.

Thank you and happy Father's day to my muse @OfficiallySBQ

Be sure to check out his merch and styling services @StyledbyQ

I enjoyed creating the extra details on this painting that weren't just facial features and using loose techniques and colors to imply the details on the hat instead of striving for exact detail. Once certain things are placed, it's interesting how the eyes and brain can still process what's there and fill in the rest of the detail on its own. This inspires me to experiment with loose painting techniques more often. Check out these close-ups video and progress shots to see the process.

For the full video click the video link below.

Wow, get into this final result! I really enjoyed this one. Looking forward to painting you next ;)

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