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Peep the Constellation


Peep the Constellation

Acrylic on 9x12in paper

Uncertainty got me nauseous.

Anxiety got me anxious.

Frustrated with feeling frustrated.

Alone starting to resemble, lonely.

Mysterious isn't cool.

My touch grows cold.

Your touch, so old, it feels new.

Keep the Disco lights on,

they bounce on my cheekbones, they bounce on my cheeks.

Oh funk let me be your muse.

Hide the shades of gray

clouds in my space.

Salt water-stained frowns on my face.

Hide these hues of blues.

Manage to silence yourself

like you don't want to be heard.

Like your radiance can go unnoticed,

like your presence even needed words

In the first place.

Put yourself first place,

Instead, you settle for second or third.

Low eyed heights,

you have wings, you can fly,

why choose to be a flightless bird?

Ostracized but they never cast stones.

Your words broke your bones, yourself.

Afraid of greatness, being too great, not good enough,

in fear of disappointing no one but yourself.

Diluting extraterrestrial powers to please and ensure the comfort of,

Basically everyone else

Swearing to never deviate from your authenticity,

Peep the constellation woman, you're a trapped galaxy.

But fine, don't be a star.

Cuz the universe is what you are.

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