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Brick by Brick


Acrylic on 9x12in paper

Abstract portraits series by Jaiye continues.

Stacking these bricks so high

row after row.

Surrounding me like,

there's no where to go.

Peeping through these bars,

losing me isn't as hard,


what I need?

like a boat?


like a moat?

like a poet? poetry

like it's suppose, to be.

Intentionally lost,

so my troubles can't find me,

exhausted, this tunnel confides me.

the cost is

apparent, apparently,

no light in the night can guide me

Inhalin' these trees in my lungs,

must be pollen season.

Young and reckless, young and dumb,

must be a valid reason.

That I do bad to the bone,

I can do bad on my own.

Who would've known

selling dreams, to babies,

definitelies to maybies

when ya twenties, feel so old.

& Overthinking is a bitch

dig myself into a hole (whole)

ditch, the torture of the unknown.

Pull a spliff, perspective take a whole

switch, the mystery unfolds,

bliss on the arch of your

lips. Cheeks look golden

warmer when it’s you

that I'm holdin'.

Stacking these

bricks so high

row after row, like a boat?

surrounding me like,


there's no where to go like a moat?

peeping through these bars,

like a poet? poetry

loosing me isn't as hard,


like it's suppose, to be

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