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Have you ever just let it go? Let it all out? What a relief.

This piece speaks so strongly on its own. With evident themes of metamorphosis, this artwork highlights the transition between the pupa and imago stage; where one body is broken down and a new form is unleashed.

Shedding of external layers.

Clothes, skin, insecurities, and busting out of whatever metamorphic cocoon is binding freedom.

This reform of removing constraints and releasing true energy is so powerful.

I had to let so many things go. Including myself. Ima go; exist freely.

Let go of anything limiting your flight.

Painting this art piece was a transformative experience and great release. Created 2019 with metallic acrylic paints on 16x20in canvas, pictures don't do it justice. The original artwork shines with a dazzling shimmer. Still available for purchase, this piece brings solace to its space.

Enjoy this progress video for some behind the scenes on the painting process.

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