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Acrylic on 16x20in canvas

6am blues a hidden recluse screaming inaudibly suffocate in silence. incapable of self-pity praying for guidance. unimpressed actually while seeking acceptance. hard to take a selfie the reflection has little resemblance. still, stagnant, still busy hoping it’s disguised metamorphosis. cocooned in melancholy I don’t say more, usually, I say less.

Nor have I written in a while it’s hard to face & articulate the things on my mind. I would erase & backspace it all, if it didn’t rhyme. but imagery & poetry a Great Wall to hide behind. Can I open up eventually? spread my wings wide. graceful & free like a butterfly? I stifle my plea with sorry and never mind don't worry about me. honestly, I’m fine. 😶🦋🧡 by Jaiye

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