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by Jaiye

Peep the Constellation

Acrylic on 9x12in paper

This striking art piece, by Jaiye, is a pioneer painting in my brand and artistry.


I stumbled upon some unfamiliar free time that encouraged a lot of self-reflection. I rediscovered a spark in myself that was dormant and muted by the pressures of life. In an attempt to explore this neglected territory, I succumbed to the desire to express myself and create a visual representation; I decided to paint. The layering and blending of acrylics on canvas paper came all too naturally. Stargazing at my progress, I freckled celestial bodies in her hair like an extraterrestrial being beaming with a forgotten potential.

"Peep the constellation, my team full of stars", a quote from the talented Deante Hitchcock resonated immensely with me at the time. We look around and can easily identify the illuminance in others, yet subconsciously overlook our own. My painting with starstruck eyes fixated on mine proved evident that she was enamored by the galactic release of pent up expression and light. So was I. With stars twinkling in both of our eyes, I rediscovered my radiance and I have been painting diligently ever since.

I express myself through acrylic, oil, and gouache paints on canvas and wood, blending multiple themes and contrasting ideas to create vibrant introspective and conceptual artwork. Whether portraits or tackling detailed landscapes, painting has become a wordless channel to be loud and communicate unapologetically through visual content. The ability to be bold and vulnerable simultaneously, tell stories, evoke emotion and witness my art resonate with others, allowing them the same vicarious freedom of expression, has created a sense of purpose for me.

Art knows no limitations. Developing my brand, By Jaiye, has allowed me to tap into this broad spectrum of creativity. I curate and participate in showcases, create commissioned portraits and intriguing original art pieces in the forms of wall art, home decor, and fashion through wearable custom artwork. I coordinate painting parties and I am eager for the opportunity to share my skills and help others have fun unlocking their creativity. I take pride in my craft and enjoy transforming a blank canvas into something beautiful and unique. The diversity in interpretation it generates has allowed me to expand my understanding of myself and others while connecting deeper and more intentionally with my surroundings.

As I grow my brand and artistry, my goal is to continue to be transparent and share my light so we can all, Peep the Constellation.

by Jaiye

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