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Spiraling in Orbit


Acrylic on 9x12in paper.


out of space.


to outer space.

I see stars in your eyes.

Whoops that’s just me,

looking at you,

looking at us.

Infinite loop,

lucid dreamers.

Aerial view,

in the bleachers.

Or close to you,

orbiting lust.

But you keep me grounded

when I am spiraling

out of control.

Just join the flow,

a joint to roll

whatever curbs, the spinnin.

Dizzy, breaths are thinnin.

Where did,

gravity go?


I’m bouncing around.

Vibrating almost.

Breathe in, breathe out

let it go let it go.

Silence so loud,

my head might explode.

Breathe in, breathe out

let it go let it go.

Plotting an escape.

Running up stair cases,

searching for main exits.

Got to get a way

out my brain.

It’s going in same places

but not in sane,

somewhat insane.

Hope not in vain

I can’t contain

a grip on my brain.

So can we stop the spinnin'?

the ceilin'

that light

it's beamin'

it’s hot

like steamin'




it’s just


its just


I can’t


I need


From this


It is


Hocus pocus,

what’s revealin'?

ai, ooh

from one extreme

ta the next scream

ai! ooh!

I’m gathering

my everything

and find clues

like whoops where my clothes

like whoops where are yours

if walls cave in

jumping thru

the window

you choose

and it shows

this route


self destruction

for your preservation

I’ll just implode

I’m bouncing around

vibrating almost

breathe in breathe out

let it go let it go

silence so loud

my head might explode

breathe in, breathe out

let it go let it go


Symphonies of birds

chase darkness from skies for good

mornings on our lips

Sunrise stains the sky

Splattered colors dancing say

Sorry for last night

Early birds get worms

Give overthinking a rest

Let them pick your brain

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