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Hi, I'm interested in a custom painting by Jaiye.

Hello! Thank you for reaching out. Please send a clear reference photo(s) of what you would like to create.

I would love to combine these pics and use these colors.

*sends pics* 

A 16x20in with those extra details is perfect for me. Please also add a quote in the sky, "reach for the stars, land on the clouds".

Lovely pictures. What size are you interested in? Portraits start at $85 usd, chest up with complementing background design.

More sizes and pricing available here

Extra details include:

-Full body  

-Background; scenery, abstract, pattern

-Metallic highlights

-Textured details 

-Text, hidden words, quotations

- Color request; black & white, monochomantic, color pop

For your painting, I would suggest,

16x20in with extra detail including;

- Black and white portrait

- Outfit with textured details

- Abstract city skyline background

- Metallic highlights 

Great choice. Love this concept. What payment option works best for you?

- Pay by card; checkout at or an invoice will be created for you. 

- Paypal, Zelle and Venmo also accepted. 

- Payment plans available. 

Just ordered on the website.

So excited. Thank you. 

Recieved. Awesome. Please expect a sketch and progress pics soon.

Thrilled to create with you.

Now it's our turn...

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