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Jaiye G

Artist Brand Management

Art is Life, and "Jaiye" is Living fully.

It's Nigerian lingo and my name. 

I'm a Trini-American artist, creating paintings full of expression, providing artwork, products, and painting services, through the brand, "by Jaiye". Welcome

Mixing acrylic or gouache paint with embracing the fullness of life experiences, perspectives, and emotions fuels my creation of vibrant and intriguing art pieces. Blending multiple themes and contrasting ideas with abstract portraits or surreal landscapes, has become a wordless channel to be unapologetically loud.

The artistry by Jaiye provides painted art, prints, products, and painting tutorials, plus promotes brands of T&T  by curating the TT Artists Directory.

Join the journey of exploring creativity through artistry to the fullest.

by Jaiye


Jaiye G
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